... the Kreiselparadies

How it all began.

In the 1990s we had a pottery and a shop for arts and crafts and design.
Even then we had wooden spinning tops from artisans on offer. Among others Andreas Heupst, Armin Kolb, Christoff Gutermann, Ekkehard Körber, Harald Müller whose spinning tops you can still find in our shop today.
From about 1995/1996 we had a stand at the Christmas Market in Dortmund. One day a roundabout collector came there and was happy to find spinning tops he didn't know yet. He said at that time: " I buy all spinning tops, which I do not have yet ". I replied: "I'm looking forward to next year, then we'll see what they say".
Now my ambition was awakened and I was looking for spinning tops at various craft markets and trade fairs. Next year the man came back and actually bought many spinning tops. That went on for several years. If I remember correctly, in the end there were purchases of several hundred DM.
Thus the assortment of spinning tops in our shop became bigger and bigger and the interest of the customers also.
At the beginning of 2001 we opened the first online shop on the Internet, where there were only spinning tops to buy.

Meanwhile we are probably the largest spinning top shop worldwide with over 1500 different available spinning tops.
We still enjoy discovering new spinning top makers and spinning tops and contact with our interested customers.

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