VO107C - Mk1 Sunny Special polished brass ceramic

VO107C - Mk1 Sunny Special polished brass ceramic
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Product no.: VO107C

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Products description

The Sunny Special Mk1 is the fourth Mk1 Special from Vorso.
Building on the classic profile of the Mk1 spinning top, Sunny offers a demonstration of quality workmanship and thoughtful design.

For those who need an increase in performance; if you are looking for run times, this high performance spinning top is the right choice. The improved grip of the spindle as well as the improved ceramic tip offer an amazing performance for a spinning top of this size.

With a simple start, the Mk1 is so well, so well done, that it will spin for 8, 10, even 15 minutes. It's super easy to turn and is designed for all ages and abilities, with a diamond-edged handle that allows the user to transfer as much torque as possible and a centre of gravity that allows the user to quickly stabilise the spinning top and stand perfectly upright for the smoothest turns.

The knurling on the top of the spinning top provides a better grip, which allows a much higher torque to be applied with each turn, resulting in more speed and longer times.

What is faster than stainless steel? - Ceramic.

Due to the unique properties of silicon nitride, ceramic balls drastically reduce the main cause of surface wear in conventional bearings, i.e. ceramic bearings are super hard, they do not dent or lose their polish and since their surface is almost perfectly smooth, they rotate longer and faster.

60% lighter than steel balls
Centrifugal force reduced
Lower vibration levels
Reduced spinning of the ball
Longer service life
Super hard surface

Each piece is precisely machined on state-of-the-art CNC lathes, resulting in perfectly balanced components. After machining, each section is carefully checked for weight and dimensions. This not only ensures that every millimetre has the correct surface standard, but also, and only then, is it machined and assembled by hand in our workshop in Staffordshire, England.

            Jewellery grade mirror polish
            Aluminium core
            Steel body and handle
            Ceramic bearings
            CNC milled, assembled and hand finished
            Supplied with a numbered authentication card
            Dimensions: 31 x 28 mm
            Diameter of the bearing: 4.7 mm
            Weight: 37,0 g
VO107C - Mk1 Sunny Special polished brass ceramic
VO107C - Mk1 Sunny Special polished brass ceramic

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